Sunday, September 2, 2012

Technion mourns the passing of Shalom Zielony.

 “Mr Zielony, your actions cannot be described simply; you are a true visionary. You have provided us with the tools for genuine development. You have given us the foundations for our community. Thank you for giving our campus a heart and our students homes close to that heart. We truly feel blessed.”

Ori Avi-No’am, former chair of the Graduate Students Organization. 

"My mission in life is to provide others with the tools to realize their dreams and goals."
Shalom (Stanley) Zielony ז"ל 

Shalom (Stanley) Zielony

Born in Jerusalem in and educated in Haifa, Stanley Shalom Zielony served in the communications division of the Hagana during the War of Independence and in the Israel Defense Forces after the establishment of the State. 

He moved to North America, settling in Canada, where he became involved in the export of pulpwood to Europe. He demonstrated his ingenuity by developing a more efficient machine to debark wood prior to process, and also designed Ways to improve the loading of pulpwood on cargo ships for transatlantic journeys. His ability to improve machinery transformed into his aptitude to improve processes. In 1967 Zielony founded New York Publications Expediting Services (PES.) that distributes scientific literature Worldwide. This was the first US company to use air freight and mail to import and export scientific journals and books between Europe and the US, Zielony became a World leader in scientific literature distribution as P.E.S. became the major conduit for leading international scientific publishers.

Throughout his life Stanley Shalom Zielony committed himself to help strengthen Israel by buttressing its scientific and technological character. His generosity and modesty are legendary. In 2003, he received a Technion Honorary Doctorate in appreciation of his recognition of the Institute's critical role in the development and wellbeing of Israel, and in profound gratitude for his outstanding support of the quality of life at Technion, transforming the face of campus, improving Student life and supporting academic programs.

The inauguration of the Stanley Shalom Zielony Student Union Building

Zielony's remarkable dedication to priority projects at Technion included funding for faculty recruitment, research, and campus life. The Shalom Zielony Plaza, dedicated in 2002, transformed the Technion into a more beautiful and vibrant campus with attractive waterfalls, a scenic promenade and an expansive central lawn providing a vvonderful location for large gatherings and ceremonies. 

The quality of student life has been greatly enhanced and revitalized by the Stanley Shalom Zielony Student Union Building the Stanley Shalom Zielony Graduate Student village, and the strengthening of the Unit for Student Advancement. Loved across campus, March 18th 2009 was declared "Zielony Day" to express the gratitude of Technion students and faculty. 

Zielony's wish was to be buried at the family plot in Haifa, near Technion. His funeral, attended by his daughter Tamara, close family, friends, Technion staff and students, was a poignant yet optimistic tribute, a celebration of a life that touched so many. A recurring theme was the nobility of a man who felt lucky to be able to help others, especially young people. "Whenever I thanked Shalom for his magnificent gifts, he would respond: 'My mission in life is to provide others with the tools to realize their dreams and goals. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to give, and to ensure the education of the next generation in Israel," said Technion President, Professor Peretz Lavie. 

"Mr. Zielony's abundant generosity to the Technion and the Student Association has had a significant impact on the students here and will continue to do so for generations to come," said Assaf Zinger, chairman of the Technion Students Association. "Sir Winston Churchill once said: 'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.' Mr. Zielony's gifts are a testament to a life well lived."

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  1. It hurts to see such a good, helpful man pass away like this, especially for those he has helped nurture through the years. I can only imagine how much the people my friend, John Hayson, helps would be affected if something happened to him.