Monday, July 2, 2012

Quantum Fields Forever

ISCS Quantum Device Award to David Gershoni
Date: 01/07/2012
Prof. David Gershoni from the Faculty of Physics will receive the 2012 ISCS Quantum Device Award for "pioneering research  in quantum optics of semiconductor nanostructures including the first demonstrations of single and entangled photons emissions and coherent access of the dark exciton".

Gershoni is the incumbent of the Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Academic Chair and heads the Solid State Institute. He will receive this prestigious award at The International Symposium for Compound Semiconductors, to be held in Santa Barbara at the end of August 2012.

The Quantum Device Award was initiated by Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd. in 2000 and is now sponsored by the Japanese Section of the ISCS Steering Committee.  The award honors pioneering contributions to the field of compound semiconductor and quantum/nanostructure devices which have made a major impact in the past two decades.  New device concepts and structures, device physics and modeling as well as device realization and characterization are areas included in the award.

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  1. No wonder he won the award. It's not the easiest thing in the world to study things that small. One thing's for sure, his research will definitely help things like tyco switches, semiconductors, and components advance even further.