Thursday, July 5, 2012

In a heartbeat: INTEL snaps up Technion graduate ingenuity.

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Intel buys heart beat biometrics company IDesia Biometrics, which provides technology through which heart beats can be used to recognize users on PCs and mobile devices
Idesia Biometrics  provides technology through which heart beats can be used to recognise users on PCs and mobile devices. The technology can also be used to provide health information.

With over 500 patents to his name, Technion graduate and co-founder of Idesia Biometrics Yossi Gross is one of Israel's most powerful pioneers at the vanguard of biotech innovation. Launching his technological career within the Lavi program of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), Gross went on to initiate 27 medical device companies. Intel's recent acquisition could be energized by the search for more secure forms of identifying users, and/or even by its new ventures into mobile applications for health care. Idesia has 14 employees of which 10 are in Israel.

Co-founder and inventor Technion graduate of Electrical Engineering (1987) Dr. Danny Lange is also an ongoing source of biotech innovation.  "As an entrepreneur, the most important thing is that the technology will be brought to market, and it looks like Intel is the company that can ensure that," Lange told Globes , which first reported the story.

Dr. Danny Lange
Dr. Danny Lange,
Technion graduate in Electrical Engineering.

Lange is experienced in running both fledgling and well-established technology businesses. Prior to IDesia, he co-founded and held executive positions of two medical device companies in the field of patient monitoring (Algodyne Ltd. and Earlysense Ltd.), invented their core technologies and authored more than a dozen patents covering his inventions. Earlier still, Dr. Lange served as senior R&D engineer at Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories, and as a Research Associate and Lecturer at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Dr. Lange holds a B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D., all in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Intel has not yet commented on how much it paid for Idesia or how it will use the biometric technology. Fingerprint readers and face recognition have been used for some time to recognize users, but there are concerns that those technologies can be easily tricked. Monitoring heart beats could provide Intel a more advanced and secure way to recognize users.

Technion graduates at Intel's R&D center in Israel developed the architecture behind the popular Core and Core 2 microprocessors, and the country's operations are headed by Technion graduate Mooly Eden, who previously managed the PC client group at Intel.

Intel has a big interest in the health care industry and is in a joint venture with General Electric to provide in-home heath care products. The joint venture, called Care Innovations, provides products like tablets targeted at the health care industry. Intel is also conducting research on health care for senior citizens.

Technion Alumn Yossi Gross 
Gross received an MSc degree in 1976 in aeronautical engineering. 

Technion graduate Yossi Gross (born February 5, 1947) is an Israeli medical device innovator and entrepreneur. He is a founding partner of Rainbow Medical, an operational investment company, established to launch companies based on the technological ideas and inventions of Gross. Gross first started his professional career as a project manager of the Lavi (IAI Lavi ) program for the Israel Air Force. 

Since the 1990, Gross initiated 27 medical device companies based on his various inventions in electronics, signal processing, nanotechnology, drug delivery and neurostimulation. Gross’s companies have developed or are currently developing treatments for diabetes, gastroenterology, stroke, ophthalmology, asthma, congestive heart failure, and urology. In total, Gross has 567 filed patents.

See also: The Creative Mind of Yossi Gross [PDF]

Also on the IDeasia Biometrics Team:

Dikla Horesh

Technion graduate Dikla Horesh: 
Over 5 years experience as Biomedical engineer in IDesia Biometrics and Healthcare.
ECG signal processing as part of the Algorithm team for 3 years.
Managed the consumer Healthcare department in IDesia for 2 years.


  1. Actually Dr. Danny Lange, a graduate of EE at the Technion, is the founder of IDesia and inventor of its technology ...

    1. Thanks for that. The IDesia website is down, so it is hard to research background info. Any more details appreciated. Col ha Cavod to all the team!

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