Thursday, June 28, 2012

Technion Honorary Fellows, 2012.

Among the International Board of Governors June events in this cornerstone centennial year are dedications of new facilities, prizes for research and academic excellence, book launches celebrating Technion’s contributions to Israel and the world, and honorary awards to public figures.

Honorary Doctors
Prof. Srulek Cederbaum, Germany
Prof. François Diederich, Switzerland
Gary Goldberg, Canada
Itzhak Nissan, Israel
Dr Eli Opper, Israel
Joan Seidel, USA
Prof. Günter Spur, Germany
Moshe Yanai, Israel
Honorary Fellows
Drora Avissar, Israel
Jeffery Cosiol, USA
Ruth E. Flinkman-Marandy, USA
Raphael Mishan, USA
Prof. Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler, Germany
Maurice Shashoua, Brazil
Senator Paul B. Steinberg, USA
The Honourable Laura Wolfson Townsley, UK

 Drora Avissar, Israel

In recognition of your outstanding contribution to the Technion over the years, first as a staff member of the Israel Technion Society, and later as the Society’s director for two decades; for initiating and directing large-scale, vital projects for the Technion; for establishing a wide-ranging and impressive network of donors and supporters; for your role in narrowing educational gaps – an area that you see as your mission; and for serving as a role model for social involvement, dedication, and ceaseless efforts.  

Jeffery Cosiol, USA

In recognition of your passion for Israel and the Technion based on your belief in the centrality of science and technology to Israel’s future; in gratitude for your support, especially for Technion graduate students; and in appreciation of your effective leadership at the local and national levels of the American Technion Society.  

Ruth Elaine Flinkman-Marandy, USA 
In acknowledgement of your devotion to Israel and to the Technion; your deep understanding of the importance of medical science to the people of Israel and the world; and your service on the local and national levels of the American Technion Society.

Raphael Mishan, USA

In sincere appreciation for your profound love of Israel and dedication to the Technion; in thanks for your support of Technion research and caring for our students; and with gratitude for your understanding of the Technion’s vital role in Israel’s future, and for being a role model for Technion alumni.

Prof. Gerd Volker Roeschenthaler,  Germany

In acknowledgement of your active leadership role in the German Technion Society; in tribute to your continuing devoted engagement as bridge-builder between Israel and Germany; and in recognition of your active volunteer efforts on behalf of the Technion as well as Jewish and Israeli causes in German society.

 Maurice Shashoua, Brazil

In recognition of your active leadership as president of the Brazilian Technion Society and your active membership of the Brazilian Jewish community; in gratitude for your longtime friendship, devotion and persistent support of the Technion; and in appreciation of your voluntary role as a good-will ambassador for the Technion and through it for the State of Israel.

Senator Paul B. Steinberg, USA

In acknowledgement of your devotion to the Technion and the State of Israel; in appreciation for your sincere commitment to Israel’s future through your support of the Technion; and in admiration for your many accomplishments on behalf of the American Jewish community and the State of Florida.

Laura Wolfson Townsley, UK
In recognition of your support for the State of Israel and the Technion in both a personal capacity and through your Chairmanship of the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust and Trusteeship of the Wolfson Family Foundation whose outstanding contributions have had a major impact on higher education and charitable institutes in Israel; in gratitude for your commitment to many worthy Jewish causes in the UK and throughout the world; and in appreciation of your work as Honorary President of the British Technion Society.

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