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Technion LIVE Newsletter April 2012

Technion Live Newsletter | April 2012

How One Stone
Changed the World
Science of the
10 Plagues
Meet Dr. Beth PM @ Technion
From the President
Welcome to this spring 2012 edition of Technion LIVE. In these days we are celebrating the redemption of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt through the festival of Passover. Also in this time, we celebrate 100 years since April 11th, 1912 - the day when the first cornerstone was placed to physically declare the intent to create a first center of higher learning for the Jewish people in what was then Ottoman-occupied Palestine.

We must never forget the creative space that comes before a great inspiration. Whether it was the urge of Moses to redeem his people through a great leap of trust into the wilderness, or whether it was the early visionaries of the Technion - who saw that the Jewish people could be freed from centuries of bloodshed and antisemitism in the Diaspora by taking physical responsibility for their destiny and by moving also with a great leap of faith into the unknown.

Technion President
Prof. Peretz Lavie
How One Stone Changed the World
Join the Technion family on April 11th, 2012, in a shared contemplation on human unity for the sake of the development and advancement of people everywhere through knowledge, discovery and innovation.
Science of the 10 Plagues
The new Technion Center for X-Ray Crystallography at the Lokey Center for Life Sciences and Engineering is set to make the invisible visible when it comes to understanding and decoding disease.
PM @ Technion
“Technion must fulfill its own vision. I am extremely impressed.” On March 20, 2012 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a visit to Technion. Join him on his tour of the state-of-the-art in innovation and expert science in the region.
Who is Craig Gotsman?
In February of 2012, NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced Technion Prof. Craig Gotsman will serve as founding director of the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute. Meet the man, the scientist and the global leader set to bring a spirit of innovation from Technion all the way to the future of New York City.
On Screen
1912-2012 Board of Governors
A personal invitation from Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie to come to Technion for the special 2012 Board of Governors.
From Jaffa to Java
Technion alum Dr. Yossi Vardi has founded and helped to build over 60 high-tech companies in a variety of fields, among them software, energy, Internet, mobile, electro-optics and water technology. Here, he talks about the greatest start-up of all: The Technion.
Meet Dr. Beth
Prof. Beth Murinson, MD, PhD of Technion's Rappaport Faculty of Medicine came to Technion after being a professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School. She discusses her research in the field of neurology and pain management.
The Graduate
Technion's Zielony Graduate Student Village on campus provides affordable, attractive, convenient housing for Technion's graduate students and their families.
Harvey Prize Laureates
Prof. Sir Richard Friend of the University of Cambridge, UK, and Prof. Judea Pearl from the University of California, Los Angeles, are the winners of the Technion’s 2011 Harvey Prize in Science and Technology. The prize ceremony took place at Technion, on March 29, 2012. Congratulations!
The "Nobel Prize" of Computing
Technion graduate Prof. Judea Pearl has won the Turing Award for a “contribution that transformed artificial intelligence”; he received the prestigious Technion 2011 Harvey Prize.
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