Sunday, January 29, 2012

Atidim - Empowering Our Future.

“Someone is investing in me, and I will try my hardest to succeed.

Photo: Atidim.
Growing up in a family with four siblings in Beit Shean, a periphery town on Israel’s northeastern border  with  Jordan, Shir Paska could not take a place in Israel's top university for granted. She knew she wanted to do something in engineering or 
Shir was ecstatic when she was accepted. “There are only 41 people chosen for this program and I  so  much  wanted  to  be  one  of  them. Someone is investing so much in me, and I will try my hardest to do the maximum and succeed.”
This year, Shir becomes a freshman in mechanical engineering at the Technion. She will receive a scholarship, laptop computer and living expenses through Rosman Atidim’s Industry program, and intern in her field at a leading company. 
“I want to get my degree and live and work in the North,” says Shir. “The Galilee has too much wasted potential, and I want to change that. Rosman Atidim is giving me the chance.”
Founded with the support of Dr. Martin and Grace Rosman of Sarasota Florida and Edgewater Maryland, the Rosman Atidim program supports Atidim's PreAcademic Preparatory and Industry program at the Technion - Israel Institute of Techology. It provides the means to excel to talented young people from Israel's less privileged neighborhoods. Students from the program often have a stated agenda to take their new skills back home - to advance their native area and inspire others to do the same.

Rosmans with Apeloig
Marty and Grace Rosman with Distinguished Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig.

The Rosman’s have been supporting Atidim students at the Technion for the past four years. All of the 20 students from the first graduating class are working in their respective professions in industry. In 2011/12, the Rosman Atidim Industry program is supporting 53 freshman students, of which 28 are graduates of the Pre-Academic Preparatory Program, and 47 sophomores. An additional 40 students will begin the Pre-Academic Preparatory program in January 2012.  

Atidim students receive assistance in every aspect of university life. From financial scholarships to academic tutoring, personal coaching to integration into the work force and even a laptop computer, these students know that someone believes in them and is willing to invest in their success. 


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