Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Think Smart 2B Smart!

Science just got Smarter!

Win a Quasicrystal Nobel Prize Tie/Scarf!

WIN an exclusive quasicrystal tie or scarf to celebrate the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry!!!

This is your chance to get hold of a limited edition Quasicrystal tie. The tie was Commissioned by Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie for Distinguished Prof. Dan Shechtman on the occasion of his 70th birthday in January 2011. When the phonecall came from Stockholm in October 2011 informing Technion of Shechtman's receipt of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the tie was rushed into use. 

Review competition entries so far.

How to Enter

1. Go to Technion LIVE on Facebook, and 'Like' the Page - if you are not yet a friend (you will find the button at the top).
OR find us on Twitterand post your answer as a Tweet to  @TechnionLIVE with the tag #TechnionNobel.

OR if you really don't do Twitter or Facebook, post your response in the talkback below... but make sure you include your email so we can contact the winners!

2. From 25/11/2011 until 25/12/2011, the Facebook Wall will show posts of friends and the Tweets will be logged at http://www.TechnionIIT.com. You need to post your answer to ONE of the following:

   i) Your slogan to celebrate the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011 (from 2-20 words) - i.e. "A Nobel Matter" (We could include winners in the 2012 Technion President's Report!)

   ii) Your congratulation/blessing to Prof. Shechtman on reception of the 2011 Nobel Prize.

   iii) Your answer to the following question: What would you do with your Quasicrystal Tie/Scarf? Your answer can be straight, funny, or creative. It's your neck on the block!
3. On 01/01/2012, the best answers will be selected (one from each category) and the winners will be contacted to send shipping information for the tie/scarf.

Competition Rules

1. The Competition is open to all Facebook friends from around the world, with the exclusion of Technion employees.

2. The Competition will run from 25/11/2011-25/12/2011 inclusive to Israeli time. After closure, no new entries will be accepted.

3. The entries will be judged by Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie, Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman, a panel from Technion's Division of Public Relations and Marketing Company VeReCreations.

4. The three Winners will be announced and contacted on 01/01/2012

Science just got Smarter!!!

Prime Minister of Israel Benyamin Netanyahu gets Smart
with a Technion Quasicrystal Tie.

The Quasicrystal Tie Competition is run by the Technion Division of Public Affairs and Resource Development.


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