Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Year Greetings from Technion President

From the President

Welcome to this festive issue of TechnionLIVE, in which we celebrate the entry of the Jewish New Year. New Year is all about rejuvenation, initiation and new enterprise. You will notice that in this issue, we have received flattering coverage in the international press. While we love people to learn about Technion, it is important to remember that an institute of technology can never rest proudly on its laurels and announce its work is done. The spirit of innovation, progress and fresh inquiries into old problems is more alive now, in Technion's Centennial Year,  than ever before.

According to recent statistics, Israel has become an innovation superpower. To upkeep and develop this position, the innovation, excellence in teaching and application must go on. This means being alive and responsive to the needs of tomorrow - whether in areas on the national agenda such as social justice, or in outreach projects to bring engineering skills to developing nations.

Technion prides itself as the high-tech Eden - the creative force behind Israel's emerging status as Silicon Valley's single serious competitor. 41 Technion graduates are listed in Dun & Bradstreet’s List of Top 125 business leaders. More than 70 percent of our graduates are employed in the high-tech sectors that drive the country’s economic growth;  25 percent of them are CEOs and vice presidents, and 39 percent fill other management positions. 17 percent of our alumni are involved in start-ups - a figure without parallel in the entire developed world.  In 2010, exports of services from start-up companies in Israel accounted for more than $622 million. 59 of 121 Israeli companies on Nasdaq are founded or run by Technion graduates.  In November 2010, these companies were given a market value of more than $28.2 billion. In real terms, this means that Technion alumni have created wealth in excess of $28 billion. As I write, leaders from Intel are at Technion City tapping into this flare for innovation at the 2011 Technion-Intel Symposium.  

Beyond the statistics, our deeper pride is in a loyalty to basic research - the fertile soil from which all innovation springs. In the coming year, we will continue to take global responsibility in pioneering energy researchlife sciencenanotechnology and medicine

A Happy New Year to you all. We look forward to meeting you at various events throughout our centennial celebrations - in which we celebrate the century that was and the century that is to come. May this next year bring us a renewed passion for pure and applied research, and an even wider capacity for standards of excellence and innovation for the benefit of all the planet.

Peretz Lavie.

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