Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Festive Opening and presentation of Honorary Fellowships on June 12, performance by Israeli singers Shlomit Aharon and the Three Tenors.
Honorary Doctorates conferred on eminent international scientists and public figures.
In the Beginning: Celebrating our Genesis-Gala event at the Haifa City Museum, housed in the Templer Movement’s 19th century public buildings in the picturesque German Colony, includes a tour of the exhibition “War of the Languages: Founding of the Technion/Technikum.”
Dedication of the Canadian Student Residence in the Stanley Shalom Zielony Graduate Student Village.
What’s cooking? Showcasing the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering: interactive program with faculty and students; Land of Milk and Honey field visits to Strauss Dairy and Elite Chocolate Factory, with tours of the production facilities and meetings with alumni.
Outstanding faculty recognition: Hershel and Hilda Rich Technion Innovation Awards and the Henry Taub Prizes for Academic Excellence. “The Technion: A Human Capital Venture with panel of prominent speakers: Inbal Kreiss, Technion alumna and project director for the Arrow 3 Missile, Israel Aerospace Industries; Prof. Emeritus Shlomo Maital, senior research associate, Samuel Naman Institute; and Dr Ed Mlavsky, founding partner, Gemini Israel Funds.
Walk Tall when Technion alumnus and inventor, Dr Amit Goffer, presents ReWalk™ -the device that enables a paralyzed person, confined to a wheelchair, to stand up and walk.
Prof. Ruth Arnon, president of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, delivers the Yitzhak Modai Annual Lecture on Technology and Economics.
Norman and Barbara Seiden Family Prizes awarded for multidisciplinary undergraduate projects in optoelectronics, microelectronics, and nanosciences.
Subject to demand, a behind-the-scenes guided tour of Technion City led by former Technion Architect Aurelia Kirmayer.
Spectator special, June 15, student creative engineering contest: Dr. Bob’s TechnoBrain Competition-Yo-Yo Gum.

Honorary Doctors:

  • Prof. Alain Aspect, France
  • Dr Edith Cresson, France
  • Dr Moshe Epstein, Israel
  • Alan Forman, USA
  • Mark Gelfand, USA
  • Prof. Solomon W. Golomb, USA
  • Prof. Thomas Kailath, USA
  • Yaacov Kotlicki, Israel
  • Eitan Wertheimer, Israel  

Honorary Fellows:

  • Fausta Finzi Carli, Italy
  • Oscar Davis, USA
  • Dr Harry Handelsman, USA
  • Sid Lejfer, USA
  • Ed Satell, USA
  • Rafi Sirkis, Israel
  • Stanley H. Sussman, USA
  • Albert Sweet, USA

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