Monday, February 7, 2011

Technion Honorary Awards and Fellowships 2011

The Late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Receives a Technion Honorary Doctorate

The Late King Hussein of Jordan Receives a Technion Honorary Doctorate

The Technion Honorary Awards 2011

The Technion is delighted to announce the following Honorary Awards 

for the year 2011

Honorary Doctorate - Scientific Candidates

Professor Alain Aspect – France

Professor Solomon W. Golomb – USA

Professor Thomas Kailath – USA

Honorary Doctorate - Public Figures

Mrs. Edith Cresson – France

Dr. Moshe Epstein – Israel

Mr. Alan Forman – USA

Mr. Mark Gelfand – USA

Mr. D. Dan Kahn – USA

Mr. Jacob Kotlicki – Israel

Mr. Eitan Wertheimer – Israel

Honorary Fellowships

Mrs. Fausta Finzi Carli – Italy

Mr. Sid Lejfer – USA

Mr. Ed Satell – USA

Mr. Paul Shatz – USA

Mr. Rafi Sirkis  - Israel

Mr. Stanley H. Sussman – USA

Mr. Albert Sweet – USA

The Awards will be conferred at the respective ceremonies to be held during the International Board of Governors meeting in June, 2011